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New Orleans

A letter of Love to the Shege Squad

Detroit, December 7th, 2019

My fellow bunch of villagers! I cannot begin to express how glad I am to have met all of you (shoutout to Pinkhat for helping me host!) You would think after 7 classes I wouldn't be surprised by much.

and then I go to Detroit.

Homies out here using Afro moves to express:

chasing chickens,

washing clothes,

planting yam

Rolling down window

(you could tell the imaginary vehicle of choice was a moto and not a car) *

Hands down, the most creative shege squad out of the bunch. a.k.a The Acting Shege Class of 2019. Thank you for the stomach aches due to laughing so hard. This last class was a vibe.

*nigerian reference - moto in this case refers a very worn down car.  

Welcome to the Shege Squad Detroit.

The Shege Squad Detroit Edition:

Minted December 7th, 2019. 

Don't Jealous Me


The Don't Jealous Me Tour Is Partnering with Camp Discovery to raise funds for more kids to be able to participate next year.

Camp Discovery is a thematic summer day camp for children 3-10 in Nigeria. The program is focused on using exciting activities such as dance, outdoor play, experiments, and art to create impactful learning experiences. Through these experiences, Camp Discovery hopes to foster a supportive environment for campers as they grow into well-rounded individuals who will make an impact. 

The Don't Jealous Me Tour is Partnering with Camp Discovery to raise funds for more kids to be able to participate next year. Part of the proceeds will go to Camp Discovery for this purpose. Direct Donations will also be collected online and at workshops. 

For more information about Camp Discovery, check out the links below:

*Camp Discovery is not a non-profit organization. Donations are not tax-deductible. 



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