AKOG presents: The AfroBeats Choreographer Series

I have the most exciting news!

Starting this month on July 19th, 4 of my favorite Afrodance choreographers will be teaching virtually at the Institute of Contemporary Dance! Each choreographer will be teaching a beginner class in a different Afrodance style:



Cameroon Steps


Don't miss out on this choreographer series!

For more information about the choreographers and their classes, check them out below.

Roshonda Parker - Roshonda is a natural born leader and at the age of 7 her freestyle dancing made her realize that dancing came naturally, making moves that were already created by her ancestors. Roshonda started performing in elementary with the dance group she created called Girl Power. She then went on to performing at the black cowboy parade in Oakland with “The Mighty Steppers” step group. Roshonda taught with one of the best Kuduro dancer/choreographers of InspiraDanza, Manuel Kanza. She discovered him on YouTube where Manuel was taught by the originator of Kududro, Tony Amado. Dancing has become both of their lifestyles and Roshonda decided to form a team called D.N.A dance tribe. From there she found herself opening up for big artist such as Davido, Tecno, Mr. Eazy, and more. She will premier, Monday, July 19th.

Manuel Kanza - “As a choreographer, I like to make it fun so people can be free to express themselves. " Manuel Kanza made his his mark in Angola since 2008 when he won the hit TV competition, Bounce (produced by Semba Comunicação), which scouts top dance talent from all over Angola. This honor earned him an apprenticeship in Portugal at the country´s top dance studio with one of the country´s leading dance crews. Last year after being featured as a choreographer on Bounce´s third season, Semba awarded him a scholarship to further his study of dance in Brazil at the prestigious Angel Vianna dance university and train at the famous Debrah Colker Dance Company Movement Center, including with Deborah Colker herself. Kanza fell in love with dancing Kuduro, Afro House and hip-hop in Angola in 1995. Manuel has been a teacher for 14 years and counting. He has also worked on commercials for Nike, Sony, and Takis. His value is sourced from seeing people having fun and simply enjoying the dance and the music. He hopes his students walk out of his class knowing the names of the moves they learned, pick small details and add into their own variation of Kuduro. He believes under his guise, any dancer can be compelled To become a teacher themselves. He will premier Monday, July 26th.

Aline Snuff - One of our choreographers hails from the country of Cameroon. Her name is Aline, and she is the owner and CEO of Rootz Movement dedicated to bringing Cameroonian dance to the limelight. She has worked with a couple of great African artists for example, A-Star, Salatiel, Dj Arafat including popular urban artists in french African zones like Blanche Bailly,  Mr. Leo, Stanley Enow, and Daphne. She is a Versatile Dancer as she blends into different genres of Dance. She will be premiering and teaching at The Institute of Contemporary Dance in Houston Texas on Monday, August 2nd.

Windy Pamba - A Rising figure on the Afro scene, Windy is a dancer, choreographer and magnetic dance teacher with a warm charisma. Revealed by the choreographers Lionel Vero and Yap’s La Pirogue in 2015, with whom she still works tirelessly in search of perfection, Windy quickly stood out thanks to a unique style combining power, fluidity, elegance and sensuality. Naturally gifted, her growing technical skills as well as her rigor and determination have earned her multiple artistic collaborations in Afrobeats and Ndombolo with many artists in France and internationally. She was notably invited to the first part of Yemi Alade's Parisian concert with artist Pheno Ambro at the Trianon (April 2017) and shared the stage of a royal wedding in India alongside Wizkid (November 2018). Member of the board of directors of the EDEC (foundation and Ivorian dance school associated with UNESCO), she has been evolving since 2019 as a manager of artistic and sporting talents between Africa and Europe in order to highlight the multiple talents of the African diaspora. She will premier Monday, August 9th.

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